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How to Repair Common Appliance Problems

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Early Signs of Appliance Trouble

Appliances are key to living more conveniently in this day and age. From the time we wake up to the time we sleep, appliances play a big part in our lives. These equipment are used daily and so, it is not surprising that consumers experience some trouble especially when they are not keen in maintaining them properly and how to repair our appliances with the help of appliance repair experts, read more!

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You should be watchful of early signs of appliance trouble because as always, prevention is better than cure. Many appliance breakdowns are caused by problems not being dealt with early:

stove , oven , fridge, gas stove top, dishwasher image1. Dryer. When the dryer doesn’t do its job as efficiently as it did before, and it takes more time for you to dry your clothing, this is a sign of clogged vents. Clogged vents are not only energy-consuming, they also pose as fire hazards because they push the dryer to its limit.

Solution: Make sure to clean the vent using a vent-cleaning brush at least once per year.

2. Refrigerator. When your fridge keeps on having these random noises, it is a sign that the compressor is not working properly. You have to remember that a refrigerator should have no erratic sounds when it is working properly—it should “hum.” Troubleshooting this cannot be addressed DIY. You have to call your trusted appliance repair specialist for this type of job; otherwise you will be doing more harm than good.

3. Dishwasher. The dishwasher isn’t cleaning as well as it did, and no matter how many resets you do it still doesn’t perform the job very well. The reason for this is the dishwasher isn’t receiving sufficient water, which leads us to a faulty water inlet valve. This inlet valve is located near the front of the dishwasher and can be accessed by removing the front kick plate. This you can try to fix on your own by checking your model’s manual, or this dishwasher repair catalog.

4. Garbage disposer. When your garbage disposer frequently clogs, no matter how much or too little you put in, the blades that have turned dull are to blame. The disposer isn’t built to receive all sorts of trash. Remember, it isn’t advisable to dispose off fibrous materials like fruits and vegetables in these containers. The best solution to this would be to replace the garbage disposer altogether.

5. Furnace. When your furnace keeps on turning on and off every few minutes, this means the sensor needs to be cleaned up. Because of the heat, over time, the sensors get covered in charcoal and ash that prevents them from doing their job efficiently. To solve this, first, try sandpapering the affected area. It this doesn’t work, replace the sensors.

6. Lawn mower. When your mower doesn’t cut as efficiently as it would have, this means its blades are already dull and should be replaced. While the blades can be re-sharpened, it’s often more cost-effective to replace the blades altogether. There are two types of blades: a high-lift blade is best for grass clippings; while a low-life blade is for dry and sandy terrains. You should choose the suitable blade for your needs.

Watch out for all these early signs as addressing them can save you hundreds of dollars in the end. Repairing is definitely more cost-effective than replacing if done early.


Deciding whether to fix a broken product or spring for a new one often feels like an expensive guess. But there’s no need to throw away good money on a bad product. In fact, repairing broken items or keeping them going as long as possible isn’t always the best way to save money. We’ve done the homework for you, creating year-by-year advice for more than a dozen common home appliances, electronics, and lawn and snow equipment.

Here’s what you need to know.

Products aren’t breaking faster. The repair rates of most products in our latest survey are similar to what we found when we conducted the survey in 2010. Some products are breaking less often. Laptops had a repair rate of 24 percent, down from 36 percent in 2010; the LCD TV repair rate is 7 percent, down from 15 percent. So why does it seem like things don’t last as long as they used to? Because when products do break, it’s memorable: They stop working altogether (53 percent) or work poorly (32 percent), according to our survey.

Avoiding a lemon. Check our “What Breaks and What Doesn’t” lists for the most temperamental product types and—from our repair-history surveys—the most and least reliable brands for each. Then use the “Repair or Replace” data chart to help decide whether a repair is worthwhile, questionable, or a bad idea. The chart also gives you an idea of how much a new product costs.

Save money on repairs. People who used independent repair shops were more satisfied with the repairs than those who used factory service, which is consistent with what we’ve found previously. And repairs cost less, too. That was especially true when it came to large appliances and lawn equipment.

Warranties don’t cover everything, so don’t expect too much. Consumer Report adds, 77 percent of people with warranty contracts weren’t fully satisfied with the replacement of their products. In turn, they had to buy another product and ended up having two different brands with the same use.

Be sure your appliances are ready for your needs. Check for the warning signs indicated above. Do not make “tomorrow” an option when having your appliances checked and fixed. For a quick assessment and repair of your equipment, contact PremiumApplianceRepair.com, your trusted appliance repair store.



Home Appliance Help Repairs

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Checking Appliances: Know When to Make Repairs or Call a Professional

We all have appliances in our home. We rely on appliances to do our daily routine, do chores, relax, do our needs and wants. Basically, without appliances, life wouldn’t be that easy. We use appliances every single day and some of them even stay on for 24-7 like air conditioning, ceiling fans, computers and CCTV systems. It would be fantastic if these appliances last for a lifetime! Unfortunately, they don’t. Appliances also also have a lifespan of their own. They also undergo what we call “wear and tear”. The more we use our appliances, the wear and tear will definitely test the durability of your appliances until it can no longer avail it’s warranty.

As much as we need our appliances, we also need to be responsible owners as we use them. Here are some helpful tips as you check your appliances and see the signs if your appliances are already in bad condition and the factors you need to weigh in.

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Signs Your Appliances Need Attention

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  • The appliance won’t turn on: Obviously, if you can’t use your appliance at all, it needs a repair. Before you pick up the phone, double check that the appliance is plugged in, no circuit breakers have tripped, and any vents or filters aren’t clogged. Once troubleshooting is out of the way, call an appliance repairman to come take a look.
  • Unusually high utility bills: Putting off appliance repair may seem like the best way to save money, but if your gas, water or electric bills are especially high one month, it could mean that one or more appliances are malfunctioning and hogging more energy than they should. A repair can get them back in working order and restore your energy bills to normal.
  • Other signs of malfunction: You get used to the way your appliances function, so if any of them start to act strangely, they might need a repair. For instance, a washing machine that operates louder than usual, a refrigerator that starts dripping, a dryer that can’t seem to get your clothes dry, or an oven that takes twice as long to preheat are all signs a repair is needed.

Deciding Between Appliance Repair or Replacement

  • Follow the 50% rule: This is the best advice to help you decide whether your money is better spent on a repair or replacement. The 50% rule states that if your appliance is more than 50% through its lifespan and a repair is also more than 50% of the cost to buy a new one, it’s better to replace the appliance. A knowledgeable repairman can tell you the average lifespan of the appliance in question, the replacement cost and the repair cost so you have all the information you need to make your calculation correctly.
  • Consider the warranty: If your appliance breaks down when it’s new enough to still be under warranty, schedule a service call without delay. Labor and parts may still be fully covered so you can have the repair done for free.
  • Take hidden replacement costs into account: The cost of replacing an appliance may be more than what’s listed on the price tag. If you have a professional install it, labor costs will increase the price. Newer appliances may also not fit where the old unit sat, which may require you to make modifications. Also, if you upgrade from a simple model to one with all the bells and whistles, you may end up needing to upgrade your electrical wiring and circuits. Keep all these hidden costs in mind as you shop for replacement appliances.

Now that you’ve learned how to check your appliances and the things you need to reconsider before making a repair or replace decision, it is also very important that we also know how to make repairs on our own. Picking up the wrench is and learning some handy skills can definitely save you a lot of money.  Here are some tips to get you on track!

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Appliance service is a big deal. You may not think about how often you use your oven or how constant your refrigerator is working, but these systems have to work properly, efficiently, and even endlessly. Without a bit of help from a licensed repair technician every now and then, they may become more expensive to operate.

Wear and Tear Leads to Inefficiency

One of the most important reasons to have your appliances serviced on a regular basis is because even normal wear and tear can lead to inefficient function. Your appliances may begin to use more energy than they used to. They may also run louder because fans and belts are not cared for properly. And, they can even start to develop periods of non-working.

Fix Small Repairs Now

It is always better to fix appliances that are acting up or not working as efficiently as they should be sooner rather than later. The longer you wait, the more they will deteriorate until they cannot be repaired and must be replaced. However, most appliances that are given consistent maintenance from a trained professional along with repairs as soon as problems begin to happen are likely to last longer for you and run more efficiently.

Repair Now and Save Money

If you make repairs to your appliances soon as you start to notice something isn’t right, it is likely the repair will be smaller, faster, and more affordable. It saves you money to do this now instead of waiting. If your appliances are louder, not as cool or hot as they used to be, or they are no longer working as well as before, take action and have them repaired.

Appliances costs a lot of money. Maintenance and repair also costs a lot, too. Being keen and observant about your appliance’s condition is a wise thing to do. Not only you can prevent future hazards to your health, family and your home; being able to fix appliances yourself can also save you both time and money. Learning how to fix appliances is a very handy skill. But sometimes, you may also need professional help in order to prevent injury and personal accidents. Take care of your appliances as much as you take care of your home.

At Premium Appliance Repair, you will be 100% confident that your appliance will be in good handys with our best appliance repair professionals. We highly recommend that if you’re not so knowledgeable about appliance repair, leave it to the professionals.

Appliance Repair From The Pro’s

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appliance repair chicagoA noisy dryer, a washing machine that won’t drain, a freezer that stops working are situations that we face from time to time in our lives. On those rare occasions we may be lucky and realize that it’s a simple fix,such as a blown fuse or a clogged lint trap, so we do the repairs ourselves and pat ourselves on the back when it all goes well. But when the issue is more complicated such as a blown refrigerator compressor or a defective washing machine pump, it becomes necessary to call in a professional to handle the job. In the chicago area there are many competent appliance repair technicians to choose from. How do you choose the best technician for the job?

Do Your Homework

If you are faced with an emergency repair you don’t typically have the luxury to take a long time deciding on who to call, but be sure to do your homework by taking a few minutes to research on the internet for technicians that service your market, and read any reviews that are posted. It’s important to see if the repair company has been in business for a while and that they have a positive reputation for delivering quality work. In Chicago, the team at Premium Appliance Repair are highly experienced and are well respected in the business community. We service both residential and commercial appliances. We are the proud recipients of  Angie’s List “Super Service Award” for 2014 as well as our 5 star rating on “Yelp”. You can rest assured that your appliance repair will be done professionally and at an affordable rate.

What to expect from your Technician

Any technician that visits your home should present themselves in a professional manner; they should be polite, helpful and they should be able to address any concerns that you have. A competent technician will also be on the lookout for any other problems that they come across and will explain their concerns to you. At Premium Appliance Repair in Chicago we know how to do the job right and we take pride in providing our clients with the best customer experience possible. We service all the major brands and carry a wide selection of spare parts in our inventory to ensure that your repair is completed in a timely manner, usually on the same day. We are accredited by the Better Business Bureau and carry all the necessary certifications, licences and insurance to do the job.

Here are just a few of the appliance repair Services that we offer.

  • Washing machine and dryer maintenance and repair
  • Refrigerator compressor replacement
  • Dishwashing machine pump servicing
  • Cooktop repair
  • Garbage disposal repair
  • Commercial dishwasher maintenance and servicing

For the most comprehensive and affordable appliance repair in the Chicago area contact the team at Premium Appliance Centre to schedule an in house visit with one of our experienced technicians. Call us at (773) 770-4320.

Learn more about the other services we provide.



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